Welcome to our Paso Robles Winery

Bovino Vineyards is home of Joludi and gen·er·os·i·ty estate wines.

Joludi, pronounced (Joe-Lu-Dee), is a tribute to the winery owner Dan's parents Joe and Ludrie for their hard work and perseverance. Lovingly called Jo and Ludi by friends and family, their roots have humble beginnings in the farming industry dating back to 1949. Joe and Ludrie's strong worth ethic and legacy is reflected within Dan and his endeavors.

Bovino Vineyards, strive to provide great wines to its customers and also give back generously to charitable causes and the community through the gen·er·os·i·ty estate wines. "Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude" is Dan's favorite saying.

Join us for wine and food with spectacular views.